Cage Style - Super Mario

Reepicheep's Super Mario-themed cage!


One of the fun parts of owning a pet chinchilla is getting to show off your style in the way you decorate your chinchilla's cage! Whatever your interests are, you can likely find prints or colors that will match your decorative scheme.

Non-pill fleece is one of the only fabrics considered safe for most chinchillas. It is commonly used as a cage liner, for hammocks, or as a covering for ramps or tubes. Fleece does not unravel or result in hanging strings that can tangle around a chinchilla, which is why it is generally deemed safe for MOST chins. I say "most" though because if your chinchilla is a voracious fleece-chewer, it is best to skip the fleece to avoid ingestion. In most cases though, if you provide your chin with other appropriate chewing items like wood ledges or pumice, they are less apt to nibble on fleece accessories. If you use fleece, it is good practice to check regularly for any type of chewing damage in case your chinnie decides one day that their fleece should be edible.

Since I was a kid, I've loved video games -- especially Super Mario! Super Mario Bros for NES was the first video game and system I owned, given to me as a gift from my Dad's best friend, "Uncle Bill." I had an idea for a Super Mario themed cage and I contacted Gella who was selling custom chinchilla cage creations at the time. She made me the most amazing fleece Super Mario cage accessories!

The Super Mario fleece items:

  • 1 Question Mark Box hanging fleece house

  • 1 Pirahna Plant fleece tube

  • 1 Koopa shell fleece hidey-house

  • 1 Power-up Mushroom fleece cuddle pillow

My black velvet boy, Reepicheep, was the lucky chin who got his cage decked out in the Super Mario decor. Reepicheep resided in one level of a Midwest Ferret Nation cage which is a popular size cage for a single pet chin. The one con about this cage is that it comes with plastic pans/shelves that need to be removed or covered in fleece but if you plan on decorating it anyway, it isn't too much extra work (plastic is a no-no for chins!). The pro is that is has a lot of space for fun accessories and large front-opening doors that take up the entire front face of the cage.

Here are pictures of how it turned out!

Super Mario FN cage

Super Mario cage - Reepicheep

Super Mario cage mushroom

And here's another cute picture of Reepicheep, just because!

Super Mario cage - Reepicheep side profile

I hope you enjoyed these pictures or maybe are inspired to make your own DIY fleece accessories. I have another cage style theme I'll be sharing soon, based on a more recent video game I'm enjoying!

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