The Holiday (Online Shopping) Gift Guide for Chinchilla Lovers #2 - Unique Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide #2 - Unique Gifts for the Chinchilla Lover


Here is the second installment in my Holiday Gift Guide. Today I focus on unique gifts for the chinchilla lover! This was really fun to put together because I was basically looking for things I want for myself... heh, heh... ;)

Tiny chinchilla spoon

Chinchilla Spoon

This little spoon is perfect for scooping out a serving of chin treats (oats, crushed rose hips, etc) but can also be used for adding sugar to your morning tea/coffee!

Magic Chinchilla Mug

Magic Mug

Magic Mug Timelapse

Ok, I know I'm biased because these are my own creations but I honestly really love my magic chinchilla mugs. I love watching as the heat from my coffee reveals those adorable chinchilla faces!

Chinchilla Coloring Book

Coloring book

This chinchilla coloring book is perfect for kiddos or stressed-out adults! My sister actually gave me one as a gift and it's really nice. The designs are pretty detailed so as an adult, I really enjoy coloring in the intricacies when I just need some time to zone out!

Chinchilla necklace


These chinchilla necklaces are a great way to show your love for your chinchilla every day -- and it can be personalized too! I'm thinking about having one made that says "Gizmo" just like my very first chinchilla who started my love for these cute "dust bunnies."

Porcelain Hand-Painted Chinchilla Figurine


This porcelain collectible would look nice in a curio cabinet display. They are handpainted so each one is one-of-a-kind!

Socks for Chin-chillin'

chin socks

You can keep your feat warm and show off this trendy chin-chillin' design featuring a cool cartoon chinchilla with shades.

Beware of Chinchilla Sign

Beware of Chinchilla

This metal sign has a retro look and had bold lettering to "Beware of Chinchilla!" I have this sign hanging on my chin room door and I've seen other chin owners hang it on their cages. We all know they may not be as innocent as those sweet faces look... I've seen the shapes they chew their sticks into...

More gift guides to come including cages/accessories, food/treats, and toys! I feel like I'm virtual shopping for everyone, haha! Feel free to share on social media to hint, hint about what you'd like for Christmas!

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