Cat Eye Mantis aka Giant African Stick Mantis - Heterochaeta orientalis

The cat eye mantis, Heterochaeta orientalis, also known as the African Giant Stick Mantis or just 'chaeta for short, is a large species of mantis from Africa which is named after its resemblance to a twig.  It has upward-elongated eyes which resemble cat-eye glasses and a long slender body.  Its stick-like appearance helps it avoid predation as well as detection by their prey.  Adults grow to be large and reach nearly 6 inches in length.

Diet should be flying insects appropriate for its size (fruit flies when young and eventually moving on to house flies and bottle flies as it grows).  This species should be kept at daytime temperatures between 70 and 85 F and misted every other day to allow it to drink.  Enclosure width should be 2 times the mantis' length and height should be 3 times the mantis' length.  Sticks should be provided for climbing.  Cross ventilation is important and humidity should be moderate, 40-60% RH.  Level of aggressiveness is low and can be kept communally, given adequate space and food.  These are captive-bred for pet purposes only - not to be released in the wild. 

Nymphs are sold unsexed unless otherwise specified.

As of 12/2/22: Currently available are Mewto's nymphs!

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